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We sell EVERY major wheel brand in the industry, and the TIRES to go with them.

TOTAL PERFORMANCE is Winnipeg's premier wheel and tire retailer, offering virtually every brand of wheel and tire in the affermarket.

Cars, Trucks, Off-Road, Racing, Sports car, Tuner,  Hot-Rod, Muscle car

and more!

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American Racing:

In Thrust We Trust. Founded in 1956 as a manufacturer of magnesium and aluminum racing wheels, American Racing has grown to become one of the largest aftermarket wheel manufacturers and distributors in the world.

Dick Cepek: 

Founded in 1963 by off-road enthusiast Dick Cepek, The Dick Cepek Brand has always taken great pride in providing quality on and off-road products for truck, S.U.V. and 4x4 owners.

ATX Series

ATX Wheels is a wheel manufacturer specializing applications for Jeeps and other Off-Road trucks. Their mission is to provide the everyday sportsman with an attractive, quality wheel that will withstand all of the off-road abuse you can throw at it!​

American Racing Custom: 

For the exact fit on your Hot-Rod or tubbed muscle car American Racing will custom build your perfect wheels.

Ultra Wheel: 

At Ultra Wheel, there is an unyielding core principle of building strong durable wheels with precise fitments; Championship-Caliber Quality, only from Ultra Wheel


With the iconic RockStar rim in their line-up, XD has been manufacturer of the most imitated wheels in the industry.   Producing off-road style wheels in both stock and lifted fitments, XD has got the rugged styled wheels for your truck.​

ProComp Alloys: 

Maker of high quality suspension lifts and off-road tires, Procomp offers a full line of high quality aluminum wheels to complete that custom lifted project.

​Dale Earnhardt Jr

American Racing and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have teamed up to offer you a personally inspired collection of performance wheels. This collection of premiere wheels offers Performance and Passion inspired by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Unsurpassed Design fashioned and manufactured by American Racing Products.​


Diamo’s signature multi-piece look in an affordable one piece cast design is the perfect finishing touch for any vehicle.  From luxury to off-road applications, Diamo has many popular styles to choose from.​


For outstanding design and quality, Helo Wheels will help you stand out from the crowd.  Wheel options for both car and truck in a variety of sizes and finish, makes Helo a top pick of custom wheel buyers.

KMC: Like no other


Luxury styling for high-end performance. Lorenzo wheels deliver on the promise of perfection.  Lorenzo Wheels' signature designs are a result of their state-of-the-art manufacturing process that highlights attention to detail in wheel finishes.

Motegi Racing:

Motegi Racing wheels: designed and engineered for performance. Through technical partnerships with leading professional racing teams, Motegi Racing Competition and High Performance Tuning wheels are designed and engineered for performance.

Moto Metal 

Custom truck wheels built for both lifted and stock applications.  Some of the industry’s most innovative styling at the most affordable price point.


TSW makes the largest range of staggered custom wheels in the world. As well as options for hard to fit European models. TSW is passionate about design and obsessed about quality. When there is no room for error, there is TSW..

Ultra Muscle: 

Ultra Wheels line up of classically styled polished aluminum wheels have the look you want at a price that will fit any budget.


Race inspired design built with Ultra Wheel quality, Focal wheel sets the trend for the tuner wheel market.


Luxury quality wheels for your car or SUV.  With options up to 24” using innovative finishes, Platinum offers some of the industries best style and value.

Ultra Dually: 

With the largest selection of aftermarket dually wheels, Ultra is the perfect choice to customize the look of your hardworking truck.

Worx Alloy: 

Ultra’s newest line of premium truck wheels, made to fit lifted as well as stock applications.  See why Ultra is one of the industry’s largest and most successful wheel manufacturers.

Dub Wheels: 

The name that is synonymous with luxury wheels, Dub leads the industry with some of the coolest and freshest wheel designs ever.  Creators of the spinner wheel, Dub remains one of the industry’s most recognized luxury brands.

Fast Wheels: 

#1 Canadian wheel brand since 1995, Fast Wheels’ line of quality wheels competes with some of the industry’s biggest manufacturers in design quality and price.


From the inspired mind of Chip Foose, Foose Design wheels offer the perfect finishing touch to any custom project. For a luxury car or a hot-rod, Foose design wheels are often imitated but never duplicated.  With unmatched attention to detail and design, Foose wheels are an outstanding choice for your vehicle.

Fuel Off-Road: 

Pushing the limits of the off-road wheel industry, Fuels innovative finish options and cutting edge designs leave the others in the dust.  Check out the full line-up Fuel off-road wheels your lifted or stock truck.


Niche has continually evolved and changed over the years, keeping in step with the pulse of the specialty aftermarket.  Pumping out new and innovative styles and finishes with an ever expanding line up of models to choose from,  Niche Road Wheels has truly found it ‘niche’ in the industry.

Mickey Thompson: 

The biggest name in off-road wheels and tires brings you a line-up of tough looking and hard working wheels.  Choose from polished or black powder coated finishes in an ever expanding list of wheels made just for your off-road vehicle.  Also see Mickey Thompsons new line of steel off-road wheels in glossy or flat black.

Status Alloy Wheels: 


ProComp Steel: 

For the serious off-roader, steel wheels are where it’s at.  Choose from several rugged and affordable designs for your lifted truck or Jeep.


KÖNIG Wheels produces the KÖNIG, Privat, and Maxxim wheel lines. For over 30 years KÖNIG has produced a product with the highest quality, styling, and performance.  KÖNIG continues to prove that we are the definition of style. . Years of track-tested innovations have helped Konig to create the industry’s most coveted aftermarket products.


Enkei produces sophisticated high-tech race wheels for a variety of motorsports, including rallying, sportscar racing and single-seater racing, in addition to their full product line of custom wheels for both cars and trucks.  For industry leading design and the highest quality Enkei offers wheels for every vehicle, on and off the track.

American Eagle: 

Manufacturer of such brands as Eagle Alloys, Boss Motorsports, MSR, VooDoo Wheels, and the new AE HardRock series, American Eagle can proudly say that all of their wheels are made in the USA.

​CEC Claus Ettensberger

Claus Ettensberger Corporation has been offering Europe's finest automotive accessories in North America since 1990, including Claus Ettensberger Signature Edition Alloy Wheels.

Carol Shelby: 

Classic American Racing quality combined with the designs of automotive legend Carol Shelby.

Ruff Racing:


RTX Wheels:

RTXwheels is proud to offer the broadest selection of alloy wheels on the Canadian market with over 120 models available.

Create the custom look and enhance driving performance.  New wheels for your vehicle are the ultimate accessory to create that one of a kind look .  From stock sizes to oversized rims, there is an aftermarket wheel with the right look for you. Total Performance has the best selection of aftermarket wheels in Winnipeg, so come in and see what we can do for you.

Brands.  At Total Performance we offer all of the industries major brands of aftermarket wheels.  If you are interested in a wheel brand that you did not see on our website, please contact us to see if that wheel is available for your vehicle

Styles.  At Total Performance, we cater to all of the different aftermarket categories of wheels, including Off-Road, Luxury, Tuner, Classic, Hot-Rod, Muscle car, Race, Street, Sport-Compact, Truck/SUV.

Finish. Finish options include Chrome, Polished Aluminum, Painted, Powder Coated and PVD.  Chrome is a bright mirror reflective finish that is typically more expensive than painted or powder coated options.  There are other bright finish options like silver or machined finish, but nothing is quite like the sparkle of chrome. Polished aluminum wheels have a finish similar to chrome, but will require extensive cleaning and polishing over their lifetime to keep them looking  shiny and bright. Painted and Powder coat options are most commonly black or silver or some combination including machined or polished accents. PVD is a chrome alternative that has a bright finish, similar to chrome, but is considered more durable.  

Fitment.  Proper wheel fitment is essential.  Whether the need is to match closely the factory fit, or to use a custom fitment that suits a number of aftermarket modifications.  Lifted and lowered vehicles often have very specific fitment requirements to ensure proper function and to reduce the chance of tires rubbing.

Specialty mounting hardware: Most aftermarket wheels require different than stock wheel hardware. Total Performance stocks specialty wheel hardware for all of those hard-to-fit vehicle applications and custom wheels.  Wheel nuts or bolts, hub centering rings, wheel spacers, hub adapters, wheel locks and more.